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Apr 14, 2014
What are Inbound Links or Backlinks

What are Inbound Links or Backlinks

Inbound links (Backlinks) are basically links which comes from another website to your site. These can boost your site rank from zero to 100 but only when it would come from high ranking and trusted sites. There are lots of methods available to get backlinks, we will discuss that in our future posts. In this post I will tell you the basic details of these links and I will also tell you that why you should get these links on your website.

Inbound Links

Inbound Links or Backlinks

Does Search Ranking Depend on Inbound Links?

Yes search ranking depends on the number of links you get from other websites. There is a thing that you should know that always try to get incoming links from trusted and high ranking sites. If you want to increase your search ranking especially in Google through incoming links then you will need to get inbound links from popular sites. Google will only increase your ranking when it will feel that you are trusted and you are doing quality work for others.

Inbound Links can also Improve your Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is one of the important part of site stats. Alexa rank tells us that on which rank our site is running. The number of unique visitors you will get the number of times your alexa rank will improve. When your alexa will improve then you can feel that you are doing a good job on your blog. Alexa also depends on inbound links, the same like Google; Alexa will also improve your rank when you will get good inbound links and Google searches.

Is Getting backlinks Easy?

It only depends on site owner. Some say that getting quality backlinks are easy but some say that it is hard to get quality backlinks on website, It only depends on the way of working. If you will work properly then it will be easy for you to get quality backlinks on your site. Tons of great ways are available to do to get quality backlinks.

MESSAGE: Hope this post will help to understand Inbound Links. If I forgot something then let me know via comments, I will update this post.ASAP I will tell you some methods of how to get quality backlinks to your website in order to increase your site ranking.
Apr 10, 2014
5 Effective Ways to Earn Money Online

5 Effective Ways to Earn Money Online

Ways to Earn Money
Ways to earn money can become a good part of your life. About tons of ways are available on internet by which we can make a good living. To do work on Internet you need to have some skills like marketing, freelancing, designing etc. You can learn and practice these types of skills easily on internet. Through these skills, you will also find some good ways to earn money online with your-self. This article is being written for all those people who want to work online to make a good and comfortable living. I have selected about 5 earning ways to all of you that will be easy and understandable for you all. If you are serious to work online then you should read and understand this article carefully in order to get good results in your future related with below 5 methods.

Ways to Earn Money Online

Internet Marketing:

Marketing is good on both Internet and land. Through marketing a person can make a good living. To compare with land marketing, Internet marketing has a large scope through which you can make thousands of dollars. Some of my friends are using Internet Marketing and they are making a great amount of money. I have already written some articles related with Marketing.

Basically, internet marketing have some of its own sub-categories like affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing etc. I have already defined all of them. You don’t need to learn all, you can use marketing fields related with your interest.

I personally like affiliate marketing more than others. Affiliate marketing can give you a good amount of money, but you will need to use it effectively and properly.  Don’t do anything spammy, always try to do marketing in a right way.  This will help you a lot in your marketing future.


Fiverr is a small marketplace where people sell and buy services for $5. You can sell any type of service on Fiverr and can make $5 for your each sale. On Fiverr you can earn a lots money. If you have some good skills like graphics, animations, writing etc then you will be able to make money on fiverr by selling your services.

If you want to do work on Fiverr then you should have some basics of marketing especially in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Content Marketing. These three things will help you in promoting your Fiverr’s gig. Fiverr is a very good place of earning for graphics designers because graphics have a good scope on fiverr.


Blogging is another good way of earning but it is a long term job. Many people say that blogging is just a waste of time. Yes, blogging takes some time to generate money but it’s not a waste of time. There are lots of people available on internet that are making a great amount of money through blogging and you can also earn through this but there are some skills that you should have in order to make your blogging career more bright.

  1. Web Designing (HTML, CSS, CSS3)
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Good skills of writing in English

The above 4 skills will help you in maintaining your blog.

Photo Selling:

Photography and Graphics have a good scope on both land and internet. You can earn money by selling your photos and images on Internet through photo selling sites. There are some good sites available on internet through which you can earn money. I have already mentioned some sites in my previous posts.

About millions of people are working on internet and thousands of them need high resolution and good looking images for their sites, blogs, social network and marketing work. Some of them make their own images by using graphics software but the other buy their need from internet and you can take benefit from them.

For this you will need to have good graphics designing skills that will help you in selling your photos and images online.


Webinars are good to teach and also to learn. People who have a good skill level in any specific field on internet, so they perform a webinar for those who want to learn something. Some people perform webinars for free but some perform paid webinar because they share their whole life experience with others. So, If you have a professional experience in any good field on internet then you can also earn money by performing paid webinars for others.

MESSAGE: I updated this blog after 1 Month and I want to say sorry for this late update. I will try to update this blog on daily basis. I hope this post will help you in making money online. The above 5 methods are good to earn and you can use all of them. If you like this post then don't forget to share this with your friends.
Feb 27, 2014
6 Basic SEO Techniques to Do in 2014

6 Basic SEO Techniques to Do in 2014

Basic SEO Techniques
Basic SEO Techniques can be important for newbies and experts too. We are now in a new year and almost 2 months have passed and seo has also been changed in 2014 since it's start. This post is specially written for those people who want some basic seo techniques to do in 2014 for their best blogging. Google is the biggest search engine, which have a global rank #1. Everyone including blogger, site owner and businesses want search traffic and specially from google. Time to time google updates it's algorithms with a new surprise for everyone and almost thousands of blogs get penalized every time. If you don't want to get penalize by google in 2014 then you should know about some basic seo techniques which will help you in seo 2014.

Basic SEO Techniques 2014

Keyword Research

Keywords are important to rank a blog. If you are working on your blog effectively then you should use perfect keywords. Perfect keywords can get your blog in the top of google's search results.

Use google keyword planner, because it is the best tool to get data from it's own search engine and this tool will also help you to perform basic seo techniques in 2014. Always choose low competitive keywords with good monthly searches.

The work have not done at only research, you will need to place your keywords at right places. Put your keyword in title and also in the start of your blog post. Don't do any thing spammy, put your keywords two times in your first 100 words.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the important part of a blog post. While you will be writing a post on your blog then you should control your keyword density. Keyword density is how many times you are putting your keywords in your post. If you will add your keyword too much in your post then your will get penalized by google for spamming.

You can add your keyword in your post only 2% of your full post, that means if you will write a 100 words containing post then you can add your keyword only for 2 times because it is the 2% of your 100 words post.

If you will write 1000 words post then you can add your keyword for 20 times. I hope you have got my point that what I want to tell you about keyword density. If you will cross your keyword density limit then it will be called as keyword stuffing which is harmful for your blog health. So, always try to control your keyword density in order to maintain your basic seo technique.

Meaningful Title

Title always matters in any post's ranking, after the update of google hummingbird, maintaining the title is now easy. You can now add keywords in your title as well as you can set your title for it's actual meaning.

HummingBird works on query meaning like a human, if a person search anything on google then google provides him results according to their search meaning not his keyword. So, always try to set your post title with keywords and with it's actual meaning. This will really help a lot in google ranking and it will be in your basic seo technique :-)

Quality Post

Post creation will be a good thing in basic seo techniques 2014, write reader friendly post so, it will convert your visitors into reader. A reader friendly post is a post which contains good info about the topic which will be enjoyed by blog readers.

You should write post with good english skills and always try to write for a common man, means try to write with simple wording which can be easily read by peoples. A good quality post can get a great amount of readers and also social shares in very less time.

Forum Posting

Forum are playing a good role in blog ranking. You can generate quality backlinks by posting on different popular forums. If you will try to do it then you should post original content on forums, you can post short but that should be original.

To post on forum the best practice is to write post related with your article, For Example: If you have a post on your blog about how to make your blogging skill more good then write about it on forum also, write a short post and add a link to your full post, so forum members will surely visit the original source and you will get a backlink. This is one of the good and basic seo technique for good blog ranking in 2014.

Social Media

Social Media is the best way to get traffic to your blog. As a basic seo technique you don't need to use all social networks. There are some popular social networks that you can use to get traffic to your blog.

Use Facebook, it will help you in getting a lots a traffic on your blog. Use Twitter, it will also help you in getting traffic and twitter will make your followers updated with your posts and tweets. Google+ will also help you in getting a large amount of readers, you can also join google+ communities to get more traffic. These 3 Social networks will surely help you in performing your basic seo techniques.

LAST WORDS: The above tips are related with basic seo techniques that you can use in this year to get good ranking in blogosphere. I didn't mention commenting because sometime newbies can make some mistakes with comments, they comment on low quality blog that is not good. Hope you will like this article and if you have any question then you can ask through comments :-) Don't forget to share this post with others.
Feb 17, 2014
HostGator 2014 Discount of 45% on President Day

HostGator 2014 Discount of 45% on President Day

Hostgator 45% Discount
Webhosting and domains services are use able for every one. People are using different types of services from different companies. Domains and webhosting can be use to create websites, blogs and landing pages. To buy any of the service you need to choose best hosting providers. There are many hosting companies are working great but some are really providing very great services like Hostgator. Hostgator is a biggest hosting company on Inter where you can buy any hosting service at affordable rate. Now on 17 FEB 2014 hostgator is providing 45% off to all their new users.

Hostgator 45% Discount of President Day

Hostgator always provides good discount offers to their new users. You can use that offer to start your website or blog...

17 FEB 2014 is the president day of hostgator and hostgator is providing the big discount of 45% to their new users and you can use them for your purposes.

You don't need to use any coupon, you can get this offer by hostgator's default coupon (SNAPPY). Just goto hostgator's website and order your service.

Why Hostgator Recommended

There are a lots of companies providing hosting services but hostgator is recommended to buy web hosting. Bluehost and hostgator are both good companies but this time hostgator is providing their big discount of 45% percent, so you should grab this..

Hostgator is providing best live support and toll free support also. If you will face any problem on hostgor so you will be able to get their support for your every problem related with your order.

Offer will be available for 17 FEB 2014 (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM). Don't miss this offer, this will help you in building your blog, website or landing page at cheap.

Feb 15, 2014
How to Get Your Blog Ready for Advertisers

How to Get Your Blog Ready for Advertisers

Blog forAdvertisers
Advertising is an effective process to get popular and to earn money. Many popular bloggers are performing this very effectively with their blog. To get advertisements on a blog, a blogger need to have a large amount of traffic and fans on it's blog. You can target audience by performing proper seo on your blog. If you want to get direct advertisements on your blog, so you need to prepare your blog for this. To prepare your blog, you need to follow some tips in order to get your blog ready for advertisers. Advertisers can be advertise their product on those blogs whom they will feel better for their product.

Get Your Blog Ready for Advertisers

Think like an Advertiser

Before preparing your blog, you need to first think like an advertiser, this will help you in getting ideas that what type of blog should you start or maintain in order to attract advertisers. Select some great ideas and use them to prepare your blog.

Choose a Good Niche

Niche is very important in order to target audience. Always choose right niche for your blog, which you would feel better for advertising. Choose a niche related with your interest, means choose that niche on which you can work perfectly. Sometimes advertisers advertise their products on specific niche. Do a lots of research online in order to choose right niche for your blog as well as for your future advertisers.

Use Ads Friendly Design

Blog design is another important thing on which you should focus. We always choose blog design seo friendly, user friendly but this time you need to choose ads friendly design. Ads friendly blog design will help your advertiser to choose best ad placement on you blog. If you will choose ads friendly design then it will also help you to place adsense codes. Best ad placements are header, above the post and sidebar top area. So while you will be choosing your design keep these placements in your mind.

Do Unique and Original Work

Always do unique and original work on your blog in order to get safety from google penalties. If you will do unique work, like you will write unique and quality contents then google will like your blog instead of penalize it. Doing this will also attract your advertisers with your hard work. If you will do quality and unique work on your blog then it will be easy for you to target a large amount of audience.

Get 40% Organic Traffic 

Organic traffic is the most important traffic for any blog. It will help you in many purpose, If you will get organic traffic then you will be able to attract some advertisers because some people are like organic traffic more than other traffic. So try to do proper SEO work and get at least 40% of organic traffic specially from Google.

Last Words: So, this post will help you in maintaining your blog for advertisements. Asap I will write a post on how to get advertisers for your blog. But before that you should read and understand this post. If you like the post  then share with others... Also please let me know via comments if I forgot something...
Feb 13, 2014
How to Stop Spam Comments in Blogger

How to Stop Spam Comments in Blogger

One more time, I am here with a post for blogger users, specially beginners. As we all know that commenting is the important part of a blog and we all want good and quality comments on our blogs. Mostly people do spam with comments by leaving low quality comments with a link, which can be harmful for all of our blogs.

Stop Spam Comments

When we think about wordpress spam comments, so there are already hundreds of best plugins are available to stop spamming in wordpress commenting but what about blogger. In the past, blogger have had not any good spam system but after it's big update blogger have added a really good spam system in it which is being used by thousands of people. Let's start our guide to stop spam comments in blogger.

Stop Spam Comments in Blogger

To do this you don't have any skill or any other experience, the steps are very easy, you just need to have a blogger account and a blog.

  1. Goto
  2. Login to your account
  3. Goto your blog > Setting > Post and Comments
  4. Now see the screen shot below and read about that...

Blogger Comments Spam

After completing step 2, perform step 3 and 4 same as the above image and read about that below.

  1. Who Can Comment: In this option I recommend you to select registered users. If you will select anonymous then the chances of spam will be increase because mostly spamming being done by bots and bots can only do this with anonymous option, so thats why select registered user in order to get comments via humans.
  2. Comment Moderation: Comment Moderation is very important and its a big change by blogger in it's interface. Don't select "Never", select "Sometimes" or "Always". The both moderation option will help you in getting quality comments. If you will select always then new comments will not be published until you will approve them and If you will select sometimes then you will need to add some days for old post. For Example: If you will set 10 days moderation then the comments on post older than 10 days will not be published until you will approve them and users will only able to see their comments live on your new post because they will auto approve by blogger, if they will not contain any spam word or link.
  3. Email Moderation Request: In this field enter your email address If you want to receive email notification for every single comment.

MESSAGE: Hope this post will help those who don't know about blogger comment setting. If you really like this post then use the sharing widget below post title :-) or leave your thoughts in comments and also leave thoughts about our new sharing widget.
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