How to get on the First Page of Google

As you know that SEO is became more difficult for webmasters and it now a bit typical to rank a website on first page of google. today I am sharing a video course that will give you basic to advance guide of SEO and will let you know about how to get on the first page of Google?

Check out the video,

How to Get on the First Page of Google

Following are the points that you will cover in this course,

  • What is Search Engine?
  • What is Search Engine Optimization and Why it is Important?
  • All about keywords, keywords research and best tools for keyword research.
  • Guide about doing SEO before starting a website or blog.
  • Factors of Search Engine Optimzation.
  • On page SEO & Off Page SEO.
  • Guide to On Page SEO including keyword density, keyword stuffing and perfect post length.
  • How to Optimize Blog post with proper keyword placement in post, title, url, meta description and image in order to make the post search engine friendly.
  • Off Page SEO, Importance of Backlinks Dofollow & Nofollow Links.
  • All about Link Building.
  • Blog Commenting, Its Importance, How to find blogs and How to write a good and satisfied comment.
  • What is Email outreach program, its importance, how to get market email addresses, how to compose Email and a worksheet for Email outreach work.
  • Directory Submission, Article Submission and Forum Posting with proper guide.
  • Social Bookmarking, Use fiverr for social bookmarking, 200+ dollow social bookmarking sites.
  • Will tell you about how I got 851 visits in just one night.
  • All about video sharing, best whiteboard animation tools, recording softwares and Sharing Sites.
  • What is Guest Posting, how to write an acceptable guest post, 200 Sites that accept guest post in different niche.
  • Three best SEO book that will guide to rank your website in top of Google.

This course will let you know each and every knowledge of SEO, Link Building and It's Strategies. With the help of this course you will be know about how to get on the first page of google.

What are the requirements?

  • Most Important thing is time to understand the course.
  • Normal Internet connection.
  • Basic knowledge of website and blog

What are you going to get from this course?

  • Over 66 lectures and 7 hours of content!
  • A guide to search engine, search engine optimization and its importance.
  • Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow Links.
  • Complete keyword research guide with a list of best research tools.
  • How to do SEO before starting a website
  • Guide to On page SEO, its importance and factors.
  • Optimizing the post title, url, meta description, image and data with proper keyword research in order to make it search engine friendly.
  • You will get to know about Link Building, importance of Backlinks and complete Link Building Strategies.
  • Building quality backlinks with blog commenting and a guide to how to find blogs for commenting along with .edu and .gov sites.
  • Guide to Email outreach program, use your subscribers, find market email addresses, compose good email and worksheet for email outreach program.
  • Build backlinks with social bookmarking, my 800+ visitors from single site, fiverr for social bookmarking and a list of 200+ dofollow social bookmarking site to generate backlinks.
  • Guide to video sharing and what are the best tools for white board animation.
  • Build reputation and quality backlinks with unique visitors through guest posting, write a good and acceptable guest post and List of 200 Sites that accept guest posts.
  • Three Ebooks that will guide you though different ways to rank your website in Top of Google Search.

What you will get from this course in future?

  • 100+ Lectures
  • More than 10 Hours of content
  • Lectures on Google Search Algorithms
  • Complete Guide to Google Web Master
  • Guide to Google Analytics
  • Advance Link Building Strategies
  • Get to know about important tools
  • Live training of optimizing the article.
  • A lot of bonus.

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How to Get On The First Page of Google

Link building is the most effective and powerful term using to increase traffic on web. If you are running a blog or website then you should know about it that what is link building and how it works well for SEO. You can find many useful SEO training courses on google but in this post I will be reviewing the #1 course that will help in increasing your blog traffic. Point Blank SEO is the source where you will get course made by Jon Cooper who has written 127 posts on his blog.

SEO Training

Everything a link builder needs, all in one place.

Link Building Course by Point Blank SEO the best SEO Training

What's inside this course?

  1. Beginner's Guide: This is what everyone needs. Jon first provide you the best guide that is valueable for every beginner who enters in Link Building. If you are an intermediate or expert this guide will be perfect for you too as Jon update this course on regular basis according to search algorithm updates.
  2. Conducting a Campaign: The second part of this course is how to create the best link building campaign that will provide a worth to your work from start to finish.
  3. Strategies: In the this section you will find almost all the link building strategies all in one place. You don't need to go to any of the place, Jon will provide you all inside his course.
  4. Tools: In this section you will get to know about every tool that will help you in you link building seo training. Jon will give walkthrough of each tool and will also preferred you some of the best tool that will worth you time.
  5. Advance Section: This course has been made in 3 - 4 months of working so you can think yourself that how much research Jon did for this course and how many advance strategies and study this course would have. (Worth Reading)
  6. Actual Link Building Opportunities: Well in this section you will get all the best and high quality sites from where you will get links for you blog.
  7. Blueprint for New Sites: In this section you will get the blueprint module made by Jon for every new website to get ranked well in search engine result pages.
  8. Ecommerce Guide: This section will cover basic to advance guide about ecommerce link building.
Now it's time to check other's words about this course,

This course has worth of $67 one time payment and you will get more than this money.

Link Building Course

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Affiliate Marketing Courses
If you want to become a best affiliate marketer then you need to get knowledge from experts who have many years of experience. Udemy is #1 place where you can find bestest affiliate marketing video courses. Well this post will also prefer you the best affiliate marketing courses which you can get from Udemy only for $10. All the courses have different niche but all are based on affiliate marketing. You will be a great affiliate marketing if you will learn and apply the course perfectly. I have chosen the best courses with high rating and positive reviews from Udemy and you can get benefits from them just by buying each course for $10, this is an huge discount by Udemy.


Fatcow 75 Cents Monthly or $9 Yearly Hosting with a free Domain

1. How to Make a Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Store

Amazon Affiliate Store

The course is all about to give you an amazing guide on building a profitable amazon affiliate store that will be working with awesomeness as an eCommerce site to sell physical products around the globe.

In this course you will be planning and organizing your tasks, will be setting up your own eCommerce site, niche selection and keyword research, designing of your website, SEO and social media promotion of your website and many other things.

For the good result of this course all you need to have a good understanding of Wordpress (CMS), Domain and hosting, you should be able to be an amazon affiliate, google drive and evernote.

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2. Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing Using Bing PPC Adverts

Affiliate CPA Marketing

The course is made by Hans Jaschke on how to make money with affiliate and CPA marketing using Bing PCC ads and get a $50 ad credit for free.

The course is based on 31 lecture with a time duration of 3 hours. For this you only need to have basic knowledge of using internet and signing up on websites. Don't miss out this course, the whole course is clear and easy to understand.

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3. Top Affiliate and CPA Marketing Training Program

Affiliate CPA Training

The course is created by Mind Mekka containing 68 informative lecture with a time duration of 10 Hours. This course will also make an expert affiliate and CPA marketer.

By learning from this course you will be earning a very good amount of money for your living. This have a very good rating with amazing positive comments. You should use this course if you want to be a good affiliate and CPA marketer.

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4. Building a Massive Email List with Affiliate Marketing

Building Email List

This course is made by Marc with 28 informative lecture with a time duration of 7 Hours. This will help you in becoming a good affiliate marketer.

In this you will be learn that how to build an Email list with affiliate marketer, an auto responder and also you will learn that how to prevent your traffic source from sending you fake and bot traffic.

This course will also help you to get knowledge of email marketing and auto responding.

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5. Make Your First Real Dollar in Click Bank - With no Website

Clickbank Affiliate Program

The course is made by KC Tan with 35 lectures of 3 Hours, this is the best course of Clickbank on udemy with 156 ratting over 3000 Students. KC update the course time to time by adding different lectures.

This course will help you to get best knowledge of Clickbank. Clickbank is one the best affiliate network having thousands of best and usable products. You should buy this if you want to use clickbank as a professional.

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Hope all courses will be helpful for you all and you will become a good affiliate marketer through the above courses.
Link Building Strategies

So we are in 2015 and 4 months have been passed and I also had not written any post since last 9 months, Sorry for that but today I am writing on a great topic, in this I will cover Link Building Strategies and hope that will surely help you. So when we talk about blog traffic the first question comes in every one’s mind is how to get the traffic? There are lots of people working online who can answer effectively for this question and there are many answers already posted for this question. The best answer is link building and this post will tell you about how to build links for your blog.


So, when you are running a blog then you must need a good traffic (Audience/Visitors/Fans) in order to run that blog perfectly. Link Building is the process of generating links to a blog. The process is sensitive because you need to keep in mind that the links which you are generating for your blog should be pure means the links should be original and directing from quality sources. If you would generate links from low quality sources then Google will rank down your blog. Google only rank up those blogs who have backlinks from quality sources. So this was the simplest introduction.

Why Link Building is Important

If you are doing blogging or running any other website, so you have a target with that and that is earning. How to earn from a blog?

  • By Promoting Products?
  • By Displaying Ads?
  • Adsense?
  • By Selling E-book
  • Or many other ways

You can earn on blog with many ways but 1 thing is very important which is traffic and without traffic you can’t earn even you can’t rank up your blog. Hundreds of best ways can be used to increase blog fans but the most effective is link building, you can build links through many ways and if you will do that properly then you can’t imagine that how much your blog can rank up in Google. Link Building is important because if you do this correctly then it will bring thousands of visitors to your blog and many of them can become source of your income through your blog. If you have a blog and want traffic then you should have knowledge about Link Building or Link Building Strategies, it will really generate thousands of quality visitors to your blog if it would be done properly.

Is it Easy or Hard?

It’s a very common question. In starting of every new work every one ask that the work is easy or hard? Actually it depends on the person who is doing that work. So when you are performing this you will face some problems. I suggest you that first properly understand it, get the advance guides and knowledge about it and then apply. If you have no knowledge and you will do this then it will be very hard for you and simply you will be just wasting your time. So, must get advance knowledge about it and then do it correctly for your blog, so your blog will save from getting penalized by Google.

No Follow and Do Follow Links

No Follow and Do Follow, you must know the difference between them. These are the types of links but what type of links is suitable for you? Let me tell you. If your blog is getting linked from other sources then you must know that what links are linking your blog, nofollow or dofollow? Just remember that dofollow should be linked to your blog.
Nofollow = Google will not pass out ranking from the source to your blog means; the source can’t help you in ranking up your blog.
Dofollow = Good and best to rank up your blog and Google will also like you linking from that source who provide you a dofollow link, but the source should be popular and quality.
See the examples to check that the links are nofollow or dofollow…
<a href=”Your Blog Link” rel=”nofollow” >Anchor Text</a>
<a href=”Your Blog Link” rel=”dofollow” >Anchor Text</a>
If you will not see any rel attribute then the link is dofollow because its default.

Now let’s start the main section of this post

Link Building Strategies – The Best 9

This is the main section of this post and this will really help you. I chose about 9 the best ways to generate links for your blog. Let’s see them.

Blog Commenting: 

If you are running a blog on a niche so there will be many more bloggers available with the same niche. This is a good way; you can generate many links to your blog by using this method. For commenting on a blog you must find a blog that will give you a dofollow link. Find blog that has keywordLuv or CommentLuv plugin enabled. There are some tips that you should know to comment on other blogs.

  • Blog must be in Your Niche.
  • Blog Post must be related to your post or blog.
  • Find blog that will provide you Dofollow links.
  • Find blog that have original and quality contents.
  • Blog must have good ranking in Google.
  • Find blog that has page rank, will give you +Point so always find and comment on those blogs that have good page ranks.
  • Use tools to find commentluv and keywordluv enable blogs.
Dropmylink is good for this.

Things to avoid

  • Don’t comment on any blog, choose some quality.
  • Don’t comment on blog that has duplicate content.
  • Don’t comment on blog that has bad ranking in Google
  • Don’t comment on blog that will provide you nofollow link, it will waste your time.
  • Don’t comment on blog that has no PR (Page Rank)

I hope these tips will help you in using of this blog commenting method and you will find some good quality blog to comment on.

Keep in mind when you will be commenting on a blog, always leave quality comment so the blog owner will remain left your comment on his blog otherwise he/she will delete your comment, so do something quality and don’t spam.

Direct Email: 

This is really very helpful method but you need to do some hard work for this. This will work for you when you will have a list of email IDs of other bloggers, marketer means of those people who work online. Get in connection with others, build an Email list, don’t do spam in emails, create a professional review email about your post and send that to your complete email list. The review should be professional so the reader will attract from it and will surely visit your blog at least one time. This is a good way to get direct links to your blog. It will also increase your post comment chances and will rank up your blog in search engines. If you have no subscriber on your blog then you can generate Email list by asking your colleagues, you can collect from incoming Emails and the best is forum, many people left their email id in their signature it mostly done on forum so visit forum related with your niche and collect email ids from signatures of other peoples. This will help you in generating direct links.

Blog Feed Emails: 

Blog feed emails are those emails which send through default RSS feeder of the blog and the RSS Feeder can be feedburner, awber or can be any other feeder. This is the little bit different from the direct mails, direct mails always send by a person manually and these email send by blog automatically when the blog have a new post published on it. For this you need more and more subscribers. Write quality and informative posts so that can attract readers and hopefully the readers will subscribe your blog to read more post from you. This method will also provide links to your site through different sources but this will only work perfect when you will have a good amount of subscriber. To increase your subscribers, you can do the following things.

  • Write quality and informative posts to attract readers.
  • Provide free e-books by subscribing your blog.
  • Provide free offers by subscriber your blog.
  • Giveaways on your blog, it will also increase subscriber.
  • Add Email Subscription widgets and gadgets.
  • Add a Popup Email Subscriber.
  • Post Videos on your blog, videos attract peoples.
  • Add Infographics to your blog, It will also attract readers.
  • Free informative webinars by subscribing your blog and only subscribers can attend your webinar.

The above are the good tips that you can follow to increase your blog subscribers. Blog subscribers not only increase your blog ranking but they will also increase your social media presence and your income too. The more you increase your subscribers the more you increase your ranking and earning.

Social Media: 

It’s a great thing to use with all other link building strategies. Social media plays an important role in every online work. It gives a large amount of fans and also increases sales and income. Social media can rankup your website in top searches but you need to promote your blog properly on social media. Some top social networks will help you in increasing your blog fans. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Facebook: It is the biggest and No.1 social network where millions of people are active at the same time. Facebook is helping millions of people in their work. People who have their own business, company, services, products, blog, website etc must use it because it increases fans more than other things. To increase fans and linking to your blog through facebook you need to know about how to use facebook for your blog. First of all, make a page of your blog name, post reader friendly posts on your page that should be short but informative. Hash tags are best, must use 2 or 3 hash tags in your page’s post with proper keyword. After update of fb organic reach, it’s now hard to increase post views with a link post, so always post an image with an short and informative lines with atleast 2 proper hash tags and a link after your information. Also share that post with your own profile, it will really increase your post view and blog readers and also increase your linking and ranking.
  2. Twitter: It is another great social network where people follow others to get something interesting and informative. It can help you the most in your blogging career. Every online marketer, blogger and all other people who are working online are using twitter. It only allows short posts but informative. If you want to increase your followers first follow other in your own niche and then use a simple method for posting. Don’t post with only words, always use an image, image attracts more on twitter and at the other hand use hash tags also just like facebook. Tweets with an informative wording, an attractive image and proper hash tags atleast 2 will surely increase your re-tweets and readers.
  3. Google+: It is the third and also the best social network launched by Google. You can use google+ and you can increase a lot of readers of your blog. Google+ allows almost everything, you can post a linked with proper hash tags just like facebook and twitter. Increase your viewers by joining and posting in google+ communities. Google+ is a very good network for link building. Use it increase your blog fans.
  4. Pinterest: It is also a good network, for this you need to have attractive pictures that will describe your blog post. Pinterest is the network which only works with images, peoples post images through their profile with the link directing to their blog and viewers can also pin the other images on their profile and it can increase your readers. Must post attractive and informative images on pinterest because the more your pins increase the more your blog readers will increase.
  5. Stumble Upon: It is another great network, I personally experienced it, and I had got 900+ views through it. You can get a lot of linking and views by using this network, use of this network is not hard but not easy, you will need to enter proper tags and you need to have to choose correct category for your post. I prefer you to must use this network it will really help you in increasing your blog views.

The above 5 networks are really great networks and if you will use them perfectly they will really help and increase your blog readers as well as sales.

Directory Submission: 

It is an effective ways to increase fans of your blog. It means to submit your post on different article submission site that are popular, have a good PR and have a large amount of readers. You can find and use many different article submission directories to increase your linking. If you will get links from directories that have a good PR, your blog ranking will go high in searches. Here are some directories which you can use for your own.

  • GoArticles
  • Article Alley
  • Ezine Articles
  • Article Base
  • The Free Library
  • Article Dashboard

The above are good directories to submit aricles on, and you can get a lot of visitor by leaving your link in your articles on these directories. Keep in mind that do not copy and paste your original post on these directories. Write a short article in which you will review your targeted post and also use proper keywords on these directories. The directory submission method can also rankup your blog in top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Forum Posting: 

Forums are great to write on, are great to link with and are great to get readers from. Forums are used to write or share something with a large crowd. Forum can be written as review, articles, how to, tutorials etc. If you want to increase your blog traffic then you can use forums, it’s a great strategy to use for link building. There are a lot of popular forums on the web which can help you in promoting your blog posts. Every forum has its own rules, so before start posting must read their rules and then start work. The rules of forums will stay you out of the spamming, if you will not follow their rules, you would do some spam their and the result of spamming will be ban or deactivation of account, so must follow their rules. Write a quality and informative post on forums, that will attract forum visitors and leave your blog link in your post if allow otherwise in your signature, so this will direct forum visitors to your blog if the post will attract the visitors. Some popular and dofollow forums are mentioned below.

  • Cnet Forum
  • Search Engine Watch Forum
  • Digital Point Forum
  • Warrior Forum
  • Affiliate Marketing Forum
  • SiteOwners Forum
  • Geek Village Forum

These are some popular and best forums, you can use them to increase your blog readers and these will give you dofollow link, so use them properly and don’t spam their otherwise the punishment will be ready for you ;-) .


You would see Infographics on different blogs. It is a great and attractive way, majority of blogger use it to increase their blog visitors. For this you need to have some good graphics skills that will help you in making of your own. These are made detailed but when you will use it for link building then you will no need to create a detailed infographic. Just make an attractive design, and just define your whole post in that. Post that Infographic on different social network and also on forum with a short description about the topic and with a link. Also show link at the bottom of your Infographic.


I think I don’t need to describe it, videos depend on you that how will make it, how you will review your post by your voice. Videos are great to attract visitors, use videos to review your posts on different video sharing site. Use it in two ways. First make a video which you will add on your post page in which you will tell the visitors that what information they will get in this post. Second, make a video in which you will review your topic and also you will share the link to the detailed post of that topic, upload the video on video sharing sites like vimeo, dailymotion, youtube, tune.pk etc. Videos can easily direct the viewer to your blog if you will make it professional.

Guest Posting: 

As mostly bloggers say that it is dead but actually it is not, it’s dead for spammer not for original writer. You can use it to increase backlinks to your blog, find some good and popular blogs in your niche, check whether they accept guest post or not, if yes then read their guidelines about guest posting on their blog.  Choose those blog which will give you a dofollow backlink, choose high PR blogs, and write original and high quality post for them so they will accept and publish your post and also give them a good bio of your own self that will attract the readers to your personality as well as to your blog. Guest posting is really a good link building strategy and you should use it.

Do All Work Properly
I have described you the best 9 Link Building Strategies, now you need to do all work properly. Building links for a blog is not easy as it feels, you can generate thousands of bad links for your blog just due to a little mistake so do all the work carefully and don’t use blackhat tools without knowing them.

Wait for the Result:

Now everything has been done, keep in mind that it’s not magic that you did a work with left hand and at the same time got the result in right, you will have to wait for the results, it can take some time depends on the work you have done. So be relax, sit and wait for your result

A Free E-book on Link Building?

Depending on your feedbacks, I will write a detailed e-book on link building that will contain a lot more information which will help you to generate more traffic to your website. This post has the best information related with link building strategies but if you need to know more about link building and link building strategies then I will help you through an E-Book.
Below are some things that I will provide you in e-book.

  1. Introduction to Link Building
  2. How Link Building Works
  3. How to create a plan
  4. Start your Work
  5. Link Building Strategies (Will cover the best Strategies)
  6. How to Build Links?
  7. Best Tools to use
  8. Best On Page Practices
  9. Things that you Should Know
  10. Conclusion

A Guide in Video Series?

Depending on our readers' need, if you all want to learn more about link building then I will create a complete video series in which I will teach you what is link building? What is a link building strategy? Why link building is important? How link building can grow your earnings? What are the best link building strategies? And more, the video series will be more informative than this post. I will cover up my all experience and workings in those videos to help you for the rest of your life

Help and Support us for your Own Need

So I am back and this time I will provide you more information related with the blog’s niche. Hope you all are enjoying previous posts, and this post will also help you more than your expectations. I am working for you all and Insha’Allah will fulfill your needs. Just requesting that I need your support, if you really like this post and my blog then don’t forget to share this, your support will really help me and also you. So support me and my blog to get informative post according to your need.
Web hosting 2014 may include tons of companies but this post will introduce you some great and reliable hosting companies that will help you in creating your site fast and full of quality.

The companies which I will mention in this post have a great customer support and features.
Web Hosting 2014

Customer support is a great thing to attract folks, a great customer support can easily attract great customers.

You all know that how much a website is important to run a business or company or any type of other online service.

Even if you want to write your words online and want to expand them in front of the world then you need to buy web hosting for this purpose.

Thousands of companies are available on internet which are providing web hosting services but I am introducing only 7 but best web hosting 2014 companies with you.

If you want to make website for your business, for your company, you want to make a blog or want to start any service online like e-commerce or selling a product then you can buy web hosting from the below mentioned companies.

Let me to introduce the companies with you with available discount offers and pricing...

Top 7 Web Hosting 2014

Godaddy: The First Comapny

Godaddy was found in 1997 by Bob Parsons. It is the largest hosting company in the world who has about 57 million dollors under management. More than 4000 employees are working on godaddy to make their services more useable. Godaddy is a good option because it has a brilliant uptime of 24/7/365 with fastest speed servers. It has about 12 million customers who are using its services from many year. It is a good, trusted and reliable company thats why it is present in web hosting 2014 top hosting companies list.
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Bluehost: The Second Company

Bluehost is another big company but it is well known for web hosting. It was found in 2003 to make an online biggest hosting company and they they done it, blue host is powering about 2 million websites online. It is a trusted company who is providing a great 24/7/365 customer support with 99.99% uptime. You can enjoy their hosting service because bluehost think about their customer not for their income. They are providing a good money back guarantee for their customer satisfaction. It is really a good hosting company.
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Bluehost Discount Offer

Hostgator: The Third Company

Hostgator is an other popular hosting company which is now preferred by thousands of bloggers. It was founded in 2002 by Brent to provide web hosting all over the world at a good level. Brent started this company from his University with only 3 Server but now it is running about 12000 servers with 400,000 satisfied customers. Hostgator is also providing a good customer support with 99.98% uptime. Money back guarantee is also provided by hostgator for customer satisfaction and now it is at 3rd position in my web hosting 2014 list.
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Namecheap: The Fourth Company

Namecheap the 4th great hosting company around the globe. It was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. He launched the company to provide domain names and web hosting on affordable prices with great features and he succeeded in his mission, the company have about one million customers with more than three million live domains. The customer support is very good and the uptime is also good. No doubt Namecheap is also a great comapny which is providing reliable and cheap hosting services.
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Ipage: The Fifth Company

Ipage the 5th best and reliable company which is well known for low cost web hosting and domain services. No doubt that the company is providing such a great hosting service for bloggers and business owners. You can use their services because it is a trusted company which also provided many back guarantee to its customers. Ipage is providing $300 worth of marketing suite for free with web hosting order. The customer is available all the time for it buyers and visitors too.
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FatCow: The Sixth Company

FatCow the 6th best Hosting company which is providing hosting services at cheap prices. It was founded in 1998 with a clear goal of making something different from others and see the company first got a different name and now the company is at a good level and is mention in my web hosting 2014 list. I am also using fatcow service and it is really good, the customer support and the uptime are best. You can use their services without any doubt.
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JustHost: The Seventh Company

JH the 7th company which is providing very good and very low cost web hosting service around the globe. It was founded in 2008 and in the short time the company have got a good position among all the companies. The company is providing good customer satisfaction support which is available all the time.
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Starting a website is becoming easier since hosting providers reduced their prices. Many top hosting providers are available who are providing their services at cheap rates. Time to time we get different discount offers on web hosting and domains. Still beginners want discount offer to start their new website or blog. You can get many discount offers by searching on google or by getting reference from your friends. Today I will provide you an amazing discount offer which is affordable for all. The hosting features are limited but enough to start a small website or blog. The hosting service is Fatcow’s hosting. Fatcow is the most popular hosting providers and has been counted in top ten hosting providers on 7th position around the globe. Fatcow is providing 75 cents monthly offer in which you will need to pay 75 cents per month or $9 for a year with a free domain. Let’s take a look at their offer features.

Fatcow 75 Cents Offer

Fatcow 75 Cents Offer Features

Website Features

  • 2GB Disk Space
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • 1 MySQL Databases
  • Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • WebSite Creator by CM4all
  • Content Management Systems (Joomla!, Drupal, Mambo, e107)
  • Blogs (WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution)
  • Photo Galleries (Gallery2, Coppermine, ZenPhoto)
  • Forums (Gbook, phpBB, SMF)
  • Google Custom Search Engine
  • Supported Software & Scripts
  • PERL Support
  • FileManager
  • FTP with Unlimited FTP Subusers
  • Secure FTP
  • Custom Error Pages
  • URL Redirect Service
  • MIME Types
  • Visitor Statistics
  • ShopSite Starter Shopping Cart
  • osCommerce Shopping Cart
  • AgoraCart Shopping Cart
  • PayPal Integration
  • Shared SSL

Email Features

  • 1 mailbox
  • Email Addresses at Your Domain
  • WebMail
  • Email Forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • Customizable Spam Filters
  • Virus Checking

Marketing Features

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • $100 Bonus for Google AdWords
  • $50 Credit for Facebook Ads
  • $50 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search
  • FREE Yellow Pages Online Business Listing

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Last Words:

The offer is really very good and I am also using it with my new site that will be launched soon. You should take this offer in order to get these great features. No one is providing this type of low cost offer with a free domain but fatcow is providing even with a free domain. Click here to get this offer.