6 Basic SEO Techniques to Do in 2014

Basic SEO Techniques
Basic SEO Techniques can be important for newbies and experts too. We are now in a new year and almost 2 months have passed and seo has also been changed in 2014 since it's start. This post is specially written for those people who want some basic seo techniques to do in 2014 for their best blogging. Google is the biggest search engine, which have a global rank #1. Everyone including blogger, site owner and businesses want search traffic and specially from google. Time to time google updates it's algorithms with a new surprise for everyone and almost thousands of blogs get penalized every time. If you don't want to get penalize by google in 2014 then you should know about some basic seo techniques which will help you in seo 2014.

Basic SEO Techniques 2014

Keyword Research

Keywords are important to rank a blog. If you are working on your blog effectively then you should use perfect keywords. Perfect keywords can get your blog in the top of google's search results.

Use google keyword planner, because it is the best tool to get data from it's own search engine and this tool will also help you to perform basic seo techniques in 2014. Always choose low competitive keywords with good monthly searches.

The work have not done at only research, you will need to place your keywords at right places. Put your keyword in title and also in the start of your blog post. Don't do any thing spammy, put your keywords two times in your first 100 words.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the important part of a blog post. While you will be writing a post on your blog then you should control your keyword density. Keyword density is how many times you are putting your keywords in your post. If you will add your keyword too much in your post then your will get penalized by google for spamming.

You can add your keyword in your post only 2% of your full post, that means if you will write a 100 words containing post then you can add your keyword only for 2 times because it is the 2% of your 100 words post.

If you will write 1000 words post then you can add your keyword for 20 times. I hope you have got my point that what I want to tell you about keyword density. If you will cross your keyword density limit then it will be called as keyword stuffing which is harmful for your blog health. So, always try to control your keyword density in order to maintain your basic seo technique.

Meaningful Title

Title always matters in any post's ranking, after the update of google hummingbird, maintaining the title is now easy. You can now add keywords in your title as well as you can set your title for it's actual meaning.

HummingBird works on query meaning like a human, if a person search anything on google then google provides him results according to their search meaning not his keyword. So, always try to set your post title with keywords and with it's actual meaning. This will really help a lot in google ranking and it will be in your basic seo technique :-)

Quality Post

Post creation will be a good thing in basic seo techniques 2014, write reader friendly post so, it will convert your visitors into reader. A reader friendly post is a post which contains good info about the topic which will be enjoyed by blog readers.

You should write post with good english skills and always try to write for a common man, means try to write with simple wording which can be easily read by peoples. A good quality post can get a great amount of readers and also social shares in very less time.

Forum Posting

Forum are playing a good role in blog ranking. You can generate quality backlinks by posting on different popular forums. If you will try to do it then you should post original content on forums, you can post short but that should be original.

To post on forum the best practice is to write post related with your article, For Example: If you have a post on your blog about how to make your blogging skill more good then write about it on forum also, write a short post and add a link to your full post, so forum members will surely visit the original source and you will get a backlink. This is one of the good and basic seo technique for good blog ranking in 2014.

Social Media

Social Media is the best way to get traffic to your blog. As a basic seo technique you don't need to use all social networks. There are some popular social networks that you can use to get traffic to your blog.

Use Facebook, it will help you in getting a lots a traffic on your blog. Use Twitter, it will also help you in getting traffic and twitter will make your followers updated with your posts and tweets. Google+ will also help you in getting a large amount of readers, you can also join google+ communities to get more traffic. These 3 Social networks will surely help you in performing your basic seo techniques.

LAST WORDS: The above tips are related with basic seo techniques that you can use in this year to get good ranking in blogosphere. I didn't mention commenting because sometime newbies can make some mistakes with comments, they comment on low quality blog that is not good. Hope you will like this article and if you have any question then you can ask through comments :-) Don't forget to share this post with others.
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  1. Keywords Research, Forum Posting, Social Media are some the techniques I personally use as a SEO. This are some of the classic things we use to attarct traffic. But everything on the list are really helpful. You can learn more on SEO at ClickMinded SEO Training

    1. Thank You Buddy, I am very happy that you like the post, I will try to start my work on this blog ASAP.

  2. I like the idea of forum posting.. Gonna start doing this soon!

    1. Yeah, Forum posting is awesome, you should use it...


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