5 Effective Ways to Earn Money Online

Ways to Earn Money
Ways to earn money can become a good part of your life. About tons of ways are available on internet by which we can make a good living. To do work on Internet you need to have some skills like marketing, freelancing, designing etc. You can learn and practice these types of skills easily on internet. Through these skills, you will also find some good ways to earn money online with your-self. This article is being written for all those people who want to work online to make a good and comfortable living. I have selected about 5 earning ways to all of you that will be easy and understandable for you all. If you are serious to work online then you should read and understand this article carefully in order to get good results in your future related with below 5 methods.

Ways to Earn Money Online

Internet Marketing:

Marketing is good on both Internet and land. Through marketing a person can make a good living. To compare with land marketing, Internet marketing has a large scope through which you can make thousands of dollars. Some of my friends are using Internet Marketing and they are making a great amount of money. I have already written some articles related with Marketing.

Basically, internet marketing have some of its own sub-categories like affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing etc. I have already defined all of them. You don’t need to learn all, you can use marketing fields related with your interest.

I personally like affiliate marketing more than others. Affiliate marketing can give you a good amount of money, but you will need to use it effectively and properly.  Don’t do anything spammy, always try to do marketing in a right way.  This will help you a lot in your marketing future.


Fiverr is a small marketplace where people sell and buy services for $5. You can sell any type of service on Fiverr and can make $5 for your each sale. On Fiverr you can earn a lots money. If you have some good skills like graphics, animations, writing etc then you will be able to make money on fiverr by selling your services.

If you want to do work on Fiverr then you should have some basics of marketing especially in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Content Marketing. These three things will help you in promoting your Fiverr’s gig. Fiverr is a very good place of earning for graphics designers because graphics have a good scope on fiverr.


Blogging is another good way of earning but it is a long term job. Many people say that blogging is just a waste of time. Yes, blogging takes some time to generate money but it’s not a waste of time. There are lots of people available on internet that are making a great amount of money through blogging and you can also earn through this but there are some skills that you should have in order to make your blogging career more bright.

  1. Web Designing (HTML, CSS, CSS3)
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Good skills of writing in English

The above 4 skills will help you in maintaining your blog.

Photo Selling:

Photography and Graphics have a good scope on both land and internet. You can earn money by selling your photos and images on Internet through photo selling sites. There are some good sites available on internet through which you can earn money. I have already mentioned some sites in my previous posts.

About millions of people are working on internet and thousands of them need high resolution and good looking images for their sites, blogs, social network and marketing work. Some of them make their own images by using graphics software but the other buy their need from internet and you can take benefit from them.

For this you will need to have good graphics designing skills that will help you in selling your photos and images online.


Webinars are good to teach and also to learn. People who have a good skill level in any specific field on internet, so they perform a webinar for those who want to learn something. Some people perform webinars for free but some perform paid webinar because they share their whole life experience with others. So, If you have a professional experience in any good field on internet then you can also earn money by performing paid webinars for others.

MESSAGE: I updated this blog after 1 Month and I want to say sorry for this late update. I will try to update this blog on daily basis. I hope this post will help you in making money online. The above 5 methods are good to earn and you can use all of them. If you like this post then don't forget to share this with your friends.
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